Contemporary compositions,

• 1992 composition cyclus for soprano, oud and percussion at Alte Oper Frankfurt am Main
   within the festival «Frankfurter Feste»

• 1993 comission for orchestra work «Pulsing Moods» (Wp 1994)

• 1994 participation at Internationalen Summer Symposium Berkholz (Brandenburg):
   composition of «Joannes Baptista» for 16 voice double choir a cappella,
   Wp with polish chamber choir «Schola Cantorum Gedanensis», dir. Jan Lukaszewski

• 1995 composition and concert tour of recitál YENI CIR for santûr solo
   Komposition des Soloperkussionszyklus „Trommellustwandel“

• 1996 composition of «Psalm 90», Wp by «Via Nova Choir München» Dir. Kurt Suttner

• 1997 Comission of German Music Council for summer akademy Kloster Irsee:
  „Stimmen von Innen / Voices from the inside“

• Comission of festival Uckermärkischen Musikwochen:
  Songs for mezzo soprano and orchestra on poems of Theodor Fontane,
  Wp 1997 by Landesjugendsinfonieorchester Brandenburg, Dir. Sebastian Weigle

• Comission of Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend Wolfenbüttel
   (AMJ) for European Choir Music Festival in the context of the project:
   composers writing for children and youth choir, Wp 1998 in Halle.

• 1999 Comission of Theatre of Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg for the 5-act opera
   «Der Maschinist / The Machinist»
   libretto by Lutz Hübner; Wp German Pavillon EXPO 2000 Hannover Dir. Christian Ehwald

• Comission of Festival Uckermärkische Musikwochen for string quartett I;
   Wp September 2001, DAFÔ-Quartett

• Comission of philharmony Magdeburg for orchestra work «Strahlungen / Radiation I»;
   Wp September 2001, Dir. Christian Ehwald

• Comission of «Salut au monde» (according to Walt Whitman)
  for festival Young.Euro.Classic. Berlin 2002

• Wp of composition «Drum Force Four» as part of Berlin Drum Concert Row «Percussion 6»
   with Percussemble Berlin Dir. Edgar Guggeis, Berlin 2003

• Composition cyclus „Verzückungen“ on poems of Walt Whitman for Ensemble Phorminx
   Wp 2003

• Comission of Berlin Radio Choir Berlin and RIAS Chamber Choir Wp 2004 Dir. Simon Halsey

• Comission for sonata for viola solo Wp Festival Uckermärkische Musikwochen 2004

• Comission for string trio Notturno Wp Berlin 2005

• Comission of Hugo-Distler-Choir Berlin Wp Berlin 2005

• Comission of Philharmonic Choir Fellbach Wp Fellbach 2004

• Comission for composition «EXODUS» (on poems of Gertrud Kolmar)
   by the organisation «ERINNERN HEUTE FÜR MORGEN / Remembering Today for Tomorrow»
   for commemoration of death march of Häftlinge der KZ-Lager Sachsenhausen und Ravensbrück    vor 60 Jahren, UA 2005

• Comission of International Bach Academy Stuttgart for vocal ensemble SINGERPUR
  Wp European Music Festival Stuttgart 2005

• 2006 comission of New Chamber Choir Potsdam – „Traumtänze / Dream Dances“

• Comission of vocal ensemble SINGPHONIKER

• comission for memorial concert to Alice Samter: Fleur du son for piano trio
  premiere 10.3.2007 Berlin

• Comission of vocal ensemble Singphoniker Munich for the anniversary concert of 25 year old existance: Qualor tenera neve on the poem   of Francesco Petrarca
  Premiere 23.10.2007 Prinzregententheater München

• Comission of Berlin youth orchestra: Dun-Dun – Ti-gau for African percussion quartett and   symphonic orchestra
  premiere 22. November 2008 Berlin

• Comission of festival Kulturwald 2008: composition for the vocal ensemble Stimmwerck: Whispers   of heavenly death (Text Walt   Whitman)
  Premiere 7.9.2008 St.Anna Gotteszell

• Comission of Festival Mozartiana Gdansk/Poland 2008 for full evening concert at 20. August 2008   in Gdansk-Oliwa: Mozart goes India   - compositions of Hans Schanderl in between Mozart and   Indian Classic Music for soprano, string quartett, indian voice, indian violin,   indian Tabla,   mongolian overtone singing, mongolian horse violin, Renaissance viol, indian dilruba, persian   santûr, percussion, gongs

• Comission of vocal ensemble Singphoniker on the occasion of anniversary 200 year old birthday of   Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi 2009:

• Composition Memorandi Mendelssohn
  premiere 2010

• Comission of University of Catholic Church Music / Hochschule für Katholische Kirchenmusik HfKM   Regensburg
  Premiere 2010 Regensburg